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Programming and Coding Spring Daily Camp for age 9-14
Ration: of students to Trainer: 8:1
Prerequisite: YES (See below)
Software: Minecraft MOD using Java,  KODU GAMELAB, PIC MONKEY
Fees: 800AED/ Week
Area: Coding, Development and  Design
Age: 9-14 Yrs old
Skill Level : Beg.  and Int.
Timing: 8:30am - 1:00 pm
Dates: 26th March - 30th March 2017
2nd April - 6th April 2017

Camp Description

CODING :During the CODERS CRAFTERS Camp, Students will be provided with a Minecraft Editor for creating new MODS while learning Java. Students will cover the fundamentals of coding in a fun and engaging way following a scenario based activities.

GAME DEVELOPMENT: Students will get the chance to create their computer game using visual programing. Students will learn how to create the game environment, add characters and program them. Different game strategies will be covered

DESIGN: Photo Editing and illustration became an important skill that we all look to master. During the CODERS CRAFTERS Camp, students will be introduced to web based phot editing and illustration tools, they will create different projects. Take it one step further, students will bring their art to life by printing their artwork on different materials like T-Shirts, Mugs Photo panels and much more while learning the different techniques of Digital Printing

What Will Students take Home?

At the end of this camp, students will go home with an account for Minecraft MOD editor platform, a Kodu Gamelab Account with their developed game ready to be shared with friends and family as well as their choice of T-Shirts, Photo frames, keychains, Mugs and much more that demonstrates their artwork during the design sessions.  

Prerequisite for getting the best our of the Camp

  • Laptop ( Windows any version and browser)

  • Minecraft Account (Original PC Minecraft)

  • 4 to 5 pictures (soft copy) for the Digital Art sessions (family, friends, pet etc)

Skills gained:

Software  and hardware:

  • JAVA using CODE KINGDOMS Minecraft Editor

  • Kodu Gamelab, designing game environment, adding characters and Programing it. 

  • Pic Monkey web photo editor.

21st Century learning skills and STEM:

  • Problem Solving

  • Game logic

  • Critical thinking

  • Adapting to new changes

  • Project Planning

Is this the right camp for my child?

Students will learn to:

  • Program Characters to move and respond to different situation

  • Basics of JAVA

  • Using If-else statement

  • Design a game environment

  • Phot editing skills

  • Digital printing techniques

What Will Students Learn?

This camp is suitable for all children above the age of 9 years old, Weather they are a seasoned Minecraft players or new to the game development, every child will find the right space to build on new skills and explore new platforms and techniques.


We would love to hear from you, you can call us on 058 805 7907 so that we can make more personalized recommendations 

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